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Hem Moon Incense Sticks

Hem Moon Incense Sticks


Moon Incense sticks are a delightful composition curated with a mix of earthy, musky, and sweet notes. Created with a unique blend of scents, our moon incense sticks are ideal for meditation practices to tune into higher dimensions, cleansing rituals, and neutralizing energies that help get rid of the odor and instantly purifies the air.These are the best incense sticks to use for promoting relaxation, healing. They can even be lit as an offering on full moon nights.

20 sticks per box


    20 sticks per box. Each incense stick is individually hand rolled in the high quality oils so each sticks can vary slightly in its thickness. Incense is used as a wonderful aid to personal meditation in ritual or spell work as part of a cleansing or just to create a wonderful relaxed and pleasant ambience in the home.


    Consumable products (ex: sage and palo santo) not eligible for returns once used.


    Shipping within the continental United States only.  Return shipping is at buyer's expense unless the error occurred on the part of Mindful Treasures, LLC.  Return shipping must include a tracking number.

Excluding Sales Tax
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