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White Sage: Benefits and Uses

Most people have heard of sage. Whether it is a comment meant as genuine advice "You should sage that", or as a satirical insult "Go sage yourself". But what exactly is sage and why should you use it? There is the common garden sage that you use in recipes to flavor your food and then there are other sage, white sage, is used in rituals to cleanse a space or a person.

So why use white sage? Great question! Here we go with the benefits and uses.

#1 - Cleansing

The most important use of sage is in cleansing. What exactly is that? Cleansing is an ancient ritual that that dates back centuries, in every part of the world, to get rid of unwanted or negative energy. When sage it burned, it is reported to release negative ions which puts people in a better mood. Sage is a wonderful way to cleanse your environment and encourage positive energy.

#2 - Purifying

Most sage has an antimicrobial property. So by burning sage the smoke can clear up to 94% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses from the air. In addition, it has been shown to repel insects. So when you have a campfire going, throw in some white sage to help with deterring those annoying pesky bugs!

#3 - Enhance Spirituality

Sage can induce a sense of calm and peaceful feelings that improve your overall well being. Many people will use sage prior to a meditation to help them achieve the place of stillness and quiet mind to achieve the benefits that meditation offers.

#4 - Reduce Stress and Improve Sleep

Many of the receptors in our brains are activated with the smoke from white sage. These receptors help us to relax, feel calmer, and mitigate our stressors. By doing this, burning white sage can also help us improve our sleep as well.

#5 - Cleanses your crystals

In addition to cleansing your space and/or yourself, sage will also cleanse your crystals. For those of you that carry crystals or wear crystal jewelry, the smoke of burning white sage will cleanse those crystals of any residual energy that they have accumulated from you or those you have been around. This will but your crystals in a perfect state to charge and be ready to continue to support you on your spiritual journey!

Sage, the wonder plant!

White sage is an incredible tool that I think most people should have in their homes. It is practical and multi-purpose. While the smell of sage may take a little while to become accustomed to, once you begin to use sage you won't want to be without it! Don't forget to sage/cleanse your space monthly to bring in the good vibes and dispel any stagnant or negative energies that may be hanging around.

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